August 27, 2009

Asian Evangelical church

In 1979, The Black Rock Congregational Church of Fairfield, Connecticut sponsored a Cambodian family from a refugee camp in Thailand.  This act of love shown to the Cambodian people would later flourish into a progressive ministry for the Lord.

aec2 While working with this adopted family, BRCC saw the opportunity of reaching out to other Cambodian families in the community.  With this commission on their hearts, BRCC set out with a goal to reach these people for Christ, by getting in contact with the right people and with dedicated prayers, BRCC took that big step into their goal of giving the Cambodian community the opportunity to be touched by the works, and teachings of God.

Soon, BRCC had a Sunday school with an attendance of 20 people, with hopes that many more come.  We came to be known as the “Cambodian Fellowship of BRCC”. Countless years was spent working hard, and God driven volunteers both in and outside the Cambodian community made the Cambodian Fellowship possible. Through these individuals, both BRCC and the Cambodian Fellowship saw the works of God. Under the mediation of leaders and Senior Pastors of BRCC, leaders were emerging and the future of the Cambodian Fellowship of BRCC became brighter.

Through the glory of God’s grace and provision, the Cambodian Fellowship of BRCC continues.  Membership grew to 130+ individuals.  God has now blessed the Cambodian Fellowship, now known as Asian Evangelical Church (AEC), with our own Church Building; operating as an autonomous church.

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